Wireless links for city broadband in the bush

If you live or work in a location with inadequate internet access we can help.
Mobile broadband may be an option however the plans available are limited and cannot provide the quantity of data throughput required for many families and businesses.

We may be able to supply and install everything you need to provide a wireless link system for full use of the internet as provided in cities and towns through ADSL or cable connections.

The system involves the leasing of a phone line or cable service in an area serviced with fast internet access then constructing a single or series of wireless line of sight hops to your premises.
The 802.11x, 5.8GHz wireless network radio equipment we use is super reliable, capable of up to 300Mbits/s and uses unlicensed WiFi spectrum which is freely available, low in radiated power and very focused.
Line of sight between transfer points is required with intermediate relay stations able to be either mains or solar powered. Distances of up to 30km or more can be spanned allowing unheard of data plans and download speed in rural or remote locations.

Links perform through any weather completely unaffected with zero loss of throughput or speed allowing you to surf the web as though you were at the source location.

Contact us for more information or a quote to give you 21st century internet in the bush.