Yagi Antenna

WIDEBAND Series Yagi 700-2700MHz

Provides a 10db gain for 700/800/850/900 MHz
Provides a 11db gain for 1800/1900/2100/2600 MHz

The new Powertec WIDEBAND Series Yagi is designed to operate with all mobile carriers in mind, regardless of what frequency they operate on.

No longer do you have to buy a new antenna when you switch carriers or be concerned what frequency your antenna supports.

The Powertec ‘WIDEBAND Series’ Yagi offers a powerful 10-11dbi gain over 700-2600MHz and is designed for those in poor coverage areas.

Mounting is made simple with a mast down-tilt bracket and U-Bolts. This enables you to mount the antenna on a flat surface or a pole.

– 700-2700MHz Support
– 10-11dbi gain
– Sealed radome design offering strong protection and weather resistance
– Mast down-tilt bracket and U-Bolt mounts
– 30cm Low Loss Cable with N Female Connector fitted
– Includes a 10m Low Loss RG58 cable with FME Female fitted
– Includes a FME/M – SMA/M Adapter


Yagi 1700-2100 Antenna

Provides a 13db gain for 1710-2170 MHz

This 14 element Directional Yagi comes with a 50cm tail and N Female connector fitted.

This antenna will require an extension cable.


Yagi-02 Antenna 800/900/1800/1900MHz

Provides a 18db gain for 800/850/900 & 1800/1900 MHz

This 14 element Directional Yagi comes with 10 metres of Low-loss cable with female FME connector.

– 10m FME/F-FME/F Cable
– FME-SMA connector
– U-Bolt Mounting Bracket for pole mounting
– Large L bracket for flush mounting

Networks: GSM, CDMA and 3G (NextG TM 850Mhz)