Kansat is a Wireless, 3G/4G Mobile Broadband/Mobile Phone, Satellite Television and Terrestrial Television Equipment Supply and Installation business located in the Cooloola/Wide Bay region of South East Queensland, Australia. We specialize in providing rural areas with Wireless Internet using either 3G/4G mobile broadband services or private wireless link connections enabling access to NBN or ADSL type services. We supply and install antennas for 4G and 3G mobile access and Cel-Fi mobile phone/broadband amplification systems. We install Starlink satellite internet systems. We supply and install Free to Air satellite dish systems for TV or Internet in the local area. We supply and install television antennas in the local area.

Need 5 Bars Mobile Signal Inside on All Phones?

If you live or work in a location with low mobile phone and/or mobile broadband signal we can help.

We can install an external antenna to increase mobile phone and mobile broadband signal to either one device or to all phones in the house or building.

To give one phone or one mobile broadband modem we can install an antenna, cable and patch lead to give you reliable reception inside a building provided some signal is available outside the building. This is a relatively inexpensive option.

Increasing signal to all phones and modems is possible by amplifying the mobile signal through a Cel-Fi 3G or 4G mobile repeater.

The Cel-Fi  RS2 3G Smart Antenna and Cel-Fi Pro 4G Smart Antenna are the only legal signal amplifiers available in Australia.
Kansat is a Cel-Fi distributor and can supply both the 3G model above or the newly released 4G/LTE Cel-Fi Pro version for the Telstra mobile network below.

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Starlink installation

Signed up for the next-generation of fast, low latency satellite internet
with Starlink?

Once you receive your equipment we can install your Starlink
satellite internet system on your roof or advise and install at a suitable
location on your property to receive the best signal.

Australian TV via Satellite

The Kansat VAST TV system gives you perfect reception of digital
Australian channels via satellite.

The Channels are all of the new digital channels as available in good
reception areas, including One HD, ABC News 24, Seven Two, Go and GEM
etc. VAST also includes local news from 7 and WIN Sunshine Coast/Bundaberg/Wide Bay and many other regions.

Reception is perfect anywhere in Australia.

The SatKing DVBS2-800CA High Definition PVR ready receiver and smart
card is the satellite set top box which we supply and install. The
SatKing can record to USB external hard disc drive or USB flash Drive.

All equipment is covered by a 1 year warranty. Full System price $880

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Portable Kit for Australian free to air TV

This satellite TV system can receive all of the Viewer Access Satellite
Television (VAST) channels [1] – the free to air Australian TV and
radio service no matter where the viewer is located. The TV channels
include all High Definition and Standard Definition channels from all
Australian networks in addition to all ABC and SBS services from each
State and time zone.

Local commercial news channels from 25 regional areas are also included.

Radio channels include a range of ABC services from each State, SBS
Radio and dozens of others.

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Portable Satellite Internet

We can also now offer a portable satellite Internet system for people on the move. This system can be set up in minutes and provides you with a telephone and Internet connection anywhere in australia.

Sturdy case

1 x 5.8Ghz cordless telephone
1 x wireless router
15 metres of co-axial cable and tools
98 cm Antenna & 1 watt BUC
HN7740 Broadband satellite modem
Light Tripod mount

Contact us for current price and plan options.

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Need full internet access out of town?

If you live or work in a location with inadequate internet access we can help.
Mobile broadband may be an option, and recently with Starlink™ becoming available in many regions of Australia including South East Queensland it is an attractive option as well.

We may be able to supply and install everything you need to provide a wireless link system for full use of the internet as provided in cities and towns through ADSL or cable connections.

The system involves the leasing of a phone line or cable service in an area serviced with fast internet access then constructing a single or series of wireless line of sight hops to your premises.
The 802.11x, 5.8GHz wireless network radio equipment we use is super reliable, capable of up to 300Mbits/s and uses unlicensed WiFi spectrum which is freely available, low in radiated power and very focused.
Line of sight between transfer points is required with intermediate relay stations able to be either mains or solar powered.  Distances of up to 30km or more can be spanned allowing unheard of data plans and download speed in rural or remote locations.

Links perform through any weather completely unaffected with zero loss of throughput or speed allowing you to surf the web as though you were at the source location.

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Eternal Word Television Network

The Catholic channel, EWTN, is freely available via satellite direct to home.

EWTN’s vast array of programming includes powerful documentaries, weekly series hosted by leading scholars of the Catholic faith, live coverage of Church events, prayers and devotionals, seasonal music specials, and the ever-popular, award-winning Mother Angelica Live show hosted by Mother Angelica, EWTN’s founder, every Tuesday and Wednesday night.Mother Angelica

There are also children’s programmes, drama series, cinema and daily devotions.

See the program guide for the Pacific Rim on the EWTN website.

Equipment Required

EWTN is now available via the Optus D2 satellite in Australia and New Zealand.

This means that a small dish system can now be purchased for free to air reception of EWTN along with other Christian channels from the USA and a number of foreign channels. See the Lyngsat list for this satellite.

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About Us

Kansat is a Satellite Television & Internet Equipment Supply and Installation Business located in the Cooloola/Wide Bay region of South East Queensland, Australia. We specialise in TV antenna, wireless Internet, and satellite dish installations for TV or Internet in the local area.